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Zombies Unite!


Jesus isn’t the only one rising from the dead on Sunday!

Philly Zombie Crawl will host their annual Zombie Pub Crawl up South Street.  For most of us this has become a tradition;  a tradition better than eating dinner with Uncle Lou farting in the seat next to you, having children screaming around the house, and experiencing the family argument about why Aunt Tracy has had 3 failed marriages and wants to wear white at her 4th wedding.  Can you tell the behavior of South Philly families has forever scarred me?

ANYWAY, The zombie crawl starts at 6:00pm with pregaming and zombifying at Tattooed Moms (makeup costs $10.00 and is definitely worth it.  They know how to make one hell of a zombie face!)  The crawl officially kicks off at 7:45pm where zombies will gather outside Mom’s for the traditional “around the block and down the alley” walk.  Then the zombies will disperse with one of four zombie packs: Blood pack, Gore pack, Guts pack, Brain pack.  Packs are a new idea this year…due to overcrowded bars last year.  Being in a pack should allow better drink accomation and service all night long!

The night ends with a Zombie dance party at Fluid nightclub.  No cover till midnight.

Check out more details at the Philly Zombie Crawl website.

Here’s a few tips for all Zombie Crawl virgins:

-People are really creative with their costumes…start working on yours now!

-In need of supplies?  Halloween Masquerade is my place of choice but they can get kind of pricey.  Last year they had a great deal: if you bought zombie related supplies from there they gave you a discount.  I didn’t see that mentioned on the website for this year but it wouldn’t hurt to try!   Another good place is Party City on Oregon Ave.

-Take a picture with Zombie Jesus…he’s the leader of this whole thing!

-Make sure to share your pictures on the Zombie Crawl website!

Happy Feaster!


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The Nite Lights Poster Series

Two things I love about Philadelphia are the local artists and posters.  To combine them is just magical for me.

That is why I love the Nite Lights.


The Nite Lights are an eccentric rock band from Philadelphia.  I came to know them not from their music but from frontman Joe B.’s posters that are scattered around the city:  in the girl’s bathroom at Lucky 13 Pub, going down the steps at Tattooed Moms, above the bar at Bishop’s Collar, and so on (oh no…I only mentioned bars.  I really am an l_ca0bd7d166ad63cd0318f150dfc24222alcoholic!).

I became infatuated with these dark posters; usually featuring some sort of ironically twisted scene and/or political theme.  But what interests me the most is all the posters are done in black and white.  They are completely absorbing; forcing you to stare long enough to recognize it the next time you see a similar design.

There’s power in color simplicity that lets these posters jump out from a wall of other posters with bands missing vowels in their name and feature neon exclamation points with flying tigers on top of a shocking pink background…eek!

Check out The Nite Lights posters and music at their Myspace

Or go to one of their upcoming shows!

April 11th @ The Rotunda (Clark Park Festival Fundraiser)

June 11th @ Blinkin Lincoln

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