The Nite Lights Poster Series

Two things I love about Philadelphia are the local artists and posters.  To combine them is just magical for me.

That is why I love the Nite Lights.


The Nite Lights are an eccentric rock band from Philadelphia.  I came to know them not from their music but from frontman Joe B.’s posters that are scattered around the city:  in the girl’s bathroom at Lucky 13 Pub, going down the steps at Tattooed Moms, above the bar at Bishop’s Collar, and so on (oh no…I only mentioned bars.  I really am an l_ca0bd7d166ad63cd0318f150dfc24222alcoholic!).

I became infatuated with these dark posters; usually featuring some sort of ironically twisted scene and/or political theme.  But what interests me the most is all the posters are done in black and white.  They are completely absorbing; forcing you to stare long enough to recognize it the next time you see a similar design.

There’s power in color simplicity that lets these posters jump out from a wall of other posters with bands missing vowels in their name and feature neon exclamation points with flying tigers on top of a shocking pink background…eek!

Check out The Nite Lights posters and music at their Myspace

Or go to one of their upcoming shows!

April 11th @ The Rotunda (Clark Park Festival Fundraiser)

June 11th @ Blinkin Lincoln


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Riot Von v3

A few friends of mine recently brought up the existence of this blog.  I told them I no longer use it because I have nothing to write about.

Grant it, I already co-write Philadelphia ExBEERiment, which has had more success in the past six months of its existence than I could possibly have asked for. Other than that I have no other solid interests that can make this blog stand on it’s own in an over saturated market full of music and fashion blogs.  And then only the strongest (or most ridiculous) survive.

But then I realized the only thing I know better than most people is Philadelphia.  Being born and raised here I can speak about the past, present, and future of Philadelphia with a grace and ease that Art students from Baltimore and suit wearers from the Suburbs could only dream of.

So, it is now my honor to feature:

Riot Von Philly: From Philly. For Philly. About Philly.

A “splog” (sporadic blog…should I copyright that?) where you can get helpful or utterly useless information about Philadelphia.

Because don’t we all need a little something more than Philebrity in our lives?

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What I thought I saw v. 1.0

My eyes aren’t that bad.

They could be worse.

I wear contact and glasses and sometimes I don’t always see what I thought I saw.

I left my house in a rush this morning because I’m usually late for work.  As I was edging the corner of my street I saw a bumper sticker and I saw “Glad to be Airbag!”

A double take and a half a turn later I realize it said “Glad to be Airborne!”

While I’m thrilled you are thrilled to be airbourne, I really hate your bumper sticker.  I hate bumper stickers in general. They’re sassy, unnecessary, and they make your car look shitty. I specifically didn’t like yours because of it’s tiny font and odd placing because, deep down inside my soul, I was really hoping you were thrilled to be an airbag.

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hiatus schmiatus

will be back!

February 09.

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So I say go and vote.

Please. Save Us!


Anyone else have their Guy Fawkes masks ready for the 5th?

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Biden in the Hood!

Biden is making his final stop in Philadelphia before the polls open tomorrow.  He’ll be speaking (and appearing with Jimmy Rollins) at Marconi Plaza (w00t w00t South Philly!). Doors at 8:30pm. They’re asking everyone to RSVP.

More info found here:

Biden rocks South Philly

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Phillies Phever Phaded Phast.

Our crowd (I am a blob somewhere in the masses):

followed by destruction:

The night the Phillies won I couldn’t be happier. It was the first time I’ve seen people INSANELY happy in this city; excluding the fact that every was drunk and high.

My Phillies Phanny was at 19th and Chestnut when we won.  “We really won? Really? Is this happening?” was the only thing I could say. But the walk down Chestnut St was the most amazing thing I’ve ever been a part of. People were flowing out of bars like it was a cockaroach hotel; spilling out into the streets with joyous hoopin’ and hollerin’.  Cars feverously beeping their horns in sync to “LET’S GO PHILLES! *DUN DUN DUNDUNDUN*” with people hanging out of windows, truckbeds, sunroofs. Everyone was giving high fives, handshakes, and hugs to friends and strangers alike as they made their way towards Broad St.

Broad was quite fun until I remember I could possibly have an anxiety attack at any moment.  Wall to wall of people down the city’s infamous street. People scaling anything possible.

Then it came. The WAVE OF DESTRUCTION.

Breaking windows, uprooting tress. People fell through a bus shelter glass (who in gods name stands on a bus shelter in a group?!). And a few fires and car wrecking to top it all off.

(blabbing: Don’t get me wrong. I like my fair share of the good ol’ riot. But we were happy! When I think of Riot I don’t think HAPPY. I think more of “OMG they took the parade off BROAD ST?! KILL EMMMMM!” Now…THAT’S a riot!)

Then it was CRAZY TOWN for the next three days.  Just watch the videos on YouTube. You’ll understand.

I love the Phillies and Philadelphia. But I got tired of the city’s reaction to a win really quick. It effed up my schedule, and my transportation, and my sleep for three days. Besides the night they won and the parade, I just felt like I could not take much more.

But now we have a victory. Hooray.

Do you think we’ll do the same degree of rioting and partying if they win next year?

Dear lord I hope not.

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